Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty Packaging

Who doesn't like to receive a gift? And what makes it even better is pretty packaging.

I know, I know...sometimes we get ourselves in a time crunch and toss our gift in a gift bag that we pulled out from under the bed and cram some tissue paper in it.{sometimes the bag doesn't even match the occasion.oops.} However, taking the time to make the packaging a little bit lovelier makes all the difference in the world.

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My sister-in-law is really good at taking simple things and using them in unique ways to pretty things up! Like for instance, these sparkling beauties were a gift for my daughter and she wrapped them in an ice cream bar box with lacy ribbon tied around. I know, right?

Pretty packaging doesn't have to be expensive. One super simple idea is to use newspaper or paper bags to wrap with. It's simple, unique, cheap, and environmentally friendly! Just tie a little ribbon, string, or bakers twine around it and Voila!

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I also love handmade tags and cards. They're so much more thoughtful than the store bought ones and they're cheaper.{cha-ching} Again, you can use things around the house. Like paper bags, small scraps of pretty paper, buttons, ribbon, string, etc...

So start collecting 'stuff'  to pretty up your packages. It's all in the presentation!

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  1. I've been playing around with packaging my orders with kraft paper, doilies and baker's twine and I'm loving the result! :)

  2. i need to figure out how to package large bags in a pretty way...i am toying with this...i will post about it when i figure it out. thanks for the resource:)